Floor Care

Helpful hints to keep your hardwood floor

looking it's best.

Protect Your Floor

Place throw rugs in front of sinks in your kitchen and any doors leading to the outside where heavy tracking and traffic occurs. However, do not do this until after two weeks aafter the finish has been applied. Chairs and any other furniture that is moved frequently should have floor glides attached to the bottom of each leg to help prevent scratching and wear. Do not wax the bottom of chair legs.

Daily Dust Mopping or Vacuuming

Regular dust mopping or vacuuming is an essential part of hardwood floor care. A good quality dust mop or vacuum head is the most effective tool for cleaning dust or dirt off a floor.

To keep your floor looking its best, dust mop or vacuum at least twice a week. Dust or vacuum more often on floors with heavy traffic.

Regular Cleaning

Spills and tracked in dirt can be cleaned by lightly damp mopping the floor with a household sponge mop. Use clean water for regular sponge mopping. DO NOT over-wet the mop. Excessive damage could damage the floor. In addition to cleaning with water, it may be necessary to clean with a mild all-purpose cleaner at least once a week.

Basic Coating recommends the following cleaners:

All Purpose Cleaners Amount to add per gallon of water
Spic & Span Liquid 1/4 cup
Mr. Clean 1/4 cup
Parson's Ammonia Cleaner 1/3 cup
Spic & Span Pine Liquid 1/4 cup
Pine Sol 1/4 cup
Lysol Liquid 1/4 cup
Window Cleaners Spray glass cleaners on a water-dampened sponge mop. DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY ON FLOOR (except for on a heavily soiled area).
Glass Works  
Glass Plus  

Do not use any of the followong products or produacts similar in nature.
Formula 409
Dishwashing detergent
Powdered all-purpose cleaners
Murphy's Oil Soap
Paste Wax
Endust, Pledge, or other dusting products
Future, Mop N Glow, Brite, or other floor polishes

Do Not Wax or Spray Buff!

Water-based urethane finishes require little maintenance, so it is not necessary to wax or polish the floor. Waxes or polishes will actually make the floor harder to clean and cause problems for future recoats.

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